Harriet’s Ivory Vintage Wedding Dress


What a beautiful wedding! Harriet’s wedding photos look straight out of a Jane Austen novel.
English countryside charm, autumn foliage, rustic back drops…I’m loving the photos by Emily Adamson, who captured the day perfectly!



Harriet’s ivory vintage wedding dress fitted perfectly into this romantic country theme. Crafted from fine silk Chantilly and ivory silk the wedding dress was created within the week between Harriet’s arrival from Singapore and her leaving to Queenstown.



Harriet had seen me for a consultation during one of her visits to New Zealand. The bride-to-be was here to see family and to make arrangements for her autumn wedding. She had some ideas of the style she was after, but it seemed early days and her time in New Zealand was very busy.



During our initial meeting we sketched up a slender style, flowing and simple, but with dramatic diamante shoulder pieces.
Harriet loved the ideas, but felt she needed a bit more time to decide if the style was perfect for what she had in mind.



A few emails arrived from Singapore, where Harriet is based and by the time she decided to book in the dramatic diamante pieces had just sold. I reordered the feature pieces, but it took a few months for them to come into New Zealand.



When the diamante pieces arrived the hue of them had changed, the silver was more blue hued and didn’t match the ivory lace. I tried to get them exchanged, but to no avail – hand-work fluctuates and variations are to be expected.



When Harriet arrived in the country there were only 10 days to go to the wedding. She was planning to leave to Queenstown a few days before the actual date, so we had a week to create her ivory vintage wedding dress. Directly after her arrival she came to get measured on her way past.



We both agreed the new diamante pieces weren’t as perfect as the first lot had been and I suggested to paint them. Sheer lacquering can tone stones and having worked at a theater previously I have a good idea of what can be done safely to adapt materials and features.



A few coats of painstaking mother of pearl acrylic coating later the diamante pieces were perfect. In fact they looked better than the original ones!



Harriet’s ivory vintage wedding dress was finished beautifully to our planned deadline without any issues and she love her gown. So did we and we’re glad to hear it was perfect on the day!



Harriet has just sent us a thank you, and here is what she writes:

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding dress – and the fact you magicked it up in a week! Your talents (and your team) are amazing! The whole process was so easy + stress free, coming in to see you was an oasis of calm in the lead-up, something I really appreciate!

People are still talking about the dress! You took my flurry of ideas + created something that was simple + elegant …timeless! I am just sad that I can’t wear it everyday (:
It was such an enjoyable experience + and I can’t thank you and your team enough!

Harriet xx
(PS: Denny says thank you, too!)






Newlyweds on snowy mountain, New Zealand

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