Brides’ Own Wedding Dress Fabric

Once in a while we take on brides who bring in their own wedding dress fabric. As a designer not knowing the origin of a material can be a bit disconcerting.
There may only just be enough of it, which could cause great problems if for any reason a part of the wedding dress had to be re-cut during the making.
Or the fabric may not be as high quality as the client assumes, and cause problems down the line, leading to questions into whose responsibility any issues are.

However, occasionally brides bring in beautiful fabrics which may have been a thoughtful gift, have great meaning or are really rare. The clients understand the value of the gorgeous material they own and want to make sure it only goes to  a very skilled and talented designer. Those are the brides who book us to create their dream wedding dress from their own fabric.

I love working with meaningful material and enjoy creating magic from a heirloom piece or luxurious gift. Below is something stunning we are working on at the moment. The exquisite hand beaded material comes from Arabia and there is enough for a incredible wedding dress – if it’s carefully cut. So this week, after much planning and calculation it was finally cut into, and looked incredible when tried on. Isn’t the beading really special?

To have your own spectacular wedding dress created you don’t need to bring any fabric – we have the most spectacular bridal fabric collection in the country!

We still take summer bookings and would love to design your perfect wedding dress! To see Anna call us on 09 378 0812, or inquire by email

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