Anna is extremely talented and pays great attention to detail. Everything she makes is to a very high standard. You will never be disappointed with her making your dream wedding dress. x Nicki


Nicki’s romantic wedding dress

We had been recommended to Nicki by a former client so she booked a consultation to have me design her wedding dress.

Putting ideas into a design was quite straightforward, and once sketch and fabric was finalized we got started.  Nicki had chosen a mermaid silhouette, with the full skirt generously layered with English tulle. The bodice was to be long and fitted, with a base texture of draped tulle. Nicki loved the idea of an asymmetrical one shoulder look and during our consultation fell in love with a fine Chantilly lace trim, which was put aside to be her shoulder feature and bodice detail.

Getting the fit right proved difficult and it took us several fittings for the tight long bodice to sit beautifully flat, the strapless point to lay snug on the skin, and for the shoulder not to interfere with it all.

Near the finishing stages of Nicki’s gown I was ordering some more lace styles from France. I had been quietly thinking about Nicki’s dress. When choosing new lace I came across a lace trim, which struck me as made for her dress. It had a bit more texture than the trim we had originally chosen and the design looked just beautiful. So I ordered it.

When Nicki came in for her final fitting I broke it gently … I had a new lace for her. She wouldn’t need to choose it, but, I’d recommend it. After much consideration the seated bridesmaids agreed and the bride was convinced. The new trim was a great choice. It was more visible than the original fine Chantilly and created more of a feature. In fact it was so beautiful Nicki decided to repeat it on her veil.


Nicki writes:
“The wedding dress definitely made it, I got so many comments on how beautiful it was and I totally agree! My best decision was having you design my dress. xx”

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