Back from New York!

What a month it has been!

Taking our ready-to-wear bridal collection to show at the New York International Bridal Week it’s been a busy few months. We needed to show a minimum of 20 styles, and of course all supporting material had to be up to scratch.

The favorite styles at the show were our fitted diamante detailed gowns, with the classic Diamante Back Wedding Dress particularly popular.

NY bridal week our booth.

In the meantime one of our beautiful brides has been featured in Stuff weddings. Alexia and Paul’s Greek wedding had everything you’d imagine in a perfect fairy tale.

Chuffed that Alexia has included such a kind comment about us:) Thanks Alexia!

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The studio is now open!

Every Saturday 12pm to 4pm.

41 Walmer Road, Point Chevalier.

Drop in to meet me, discuss your ideas with an experienced designer, maybe try on a gown or two.


The signage is still to come and so are the blinds…

But there’s beautiful wedding dresses, exquisite fabrics and endless possibilities for your dream dress.

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An update!

With moving the workshop and our home it all has been a bit crazy! We have now settled in a little and the workshop building is finally coming along as planned. Our studio is currently closed until approximately mid June, then we will reopen in a nice new space!
I have a ready to wear collection planned to be launched by the end of July – it will be very vintage and quite different from anything we have done prior.
It really is exciting to be venturing into something completely new, I love being able to plan out a cool fashion project. There’ll be an official opening at some stage where you’re all welcome to have a look, try on and tell me what you think! A bridal studio in Sydney is already waiting for our new samples, giving me a motivating deadline.

I am currently fully booked for couture orders until May 2016, so if are already organised for a wedding at a later date please do contact me to discuss your perfect wedding dress while I still have space!

Before the big move - finishing some exquisite wedding dresses!

Before the big move – finishing some exquisite wedding dresses!

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Tinting cotton guipure

Chamomile tea works a treat for tinting a white natural fiber to an ever so soft porcelain. In this case the exclusive French cotton guipure is only available in a stark white or an Ecru (calico colour).

This lace will be used over a nude silk shade so I decided to soften the white ever so slightly, to work better with the underneath.


So many magazine shoots!

It’s been like a land slide here with magazine after magazine borrowing our beautiful wedding dresses for editorial photo shoots. I get inquiries of photographers hoping to shoot our gowns all the time and literally always decline.

The amount of exposure a wedding photographer will give our work is simply not worth the deterioration of the gowns, which can start to look handled if treated carelessly even just once.

Magazines are a different story though, the stylists know their stuff and it’s always good to be featured in print. There must be something in the air at the moment as during the last week I had wedding dresses come and go to Fashion Quarterly, New Zealand Weddings and have just spent the last hour packing up for a shoot by a Singapore Wedding & Travel Magazine which is currently in Auckland for a shoot.

On top of all this I have a photographer arriving tomorrow from a German wedding magazine for an interview and wanting show some of our work.

All these shoots will no doubt take a toll on our gowns, but I have some really cool ideas for new styles, which I cannot wait to start on once we have moved to Point Chevalier in May.

In the meantime it’s been crazy busy here with a full schedule already and a bride’s half finished wedding dress being completely redesigned on Good Friday before the wedding this weekend. Guess what I did on Easter?dress-bags-on-floor

We’re back!

Have you had a great Christmas and start to the New Year? I hope you are all happy and relaxed – with the perfect tan and a great resolution for 2015! For those of you who became engaged – my warmest congratulations!! I hope to meet you soon:)

Lots has happened here since my last post…
After my beloved cat had to be put to sleep my family watched in astonishment just how sad I was – and promptly picked me up a very fluffy Christmas gift from the SPCA. Watch out for the cute kitten when you come in.
Also I have finally given in to Dave’s wish for us to take the workshop out of home, and after letting him know we bought a little bungalow in Pt Chev one open home and as few days later. Our place is due to go on the market shortly and I am now looking for a suitable place for our studio & workshop.
I’ve been camping with my kids and my daughters’ boyfriend for a few days, and apart from having a fantastic time on the beach I really enjoyed seeing their young love blossom. It was just so sweet!

Now we’re back in the workshop and I still have a few Saturday appointment available for those of you starting to look. Every year this time we have an influx of brides who ring us last minute as the dress they were sold somewhere has turned out impossible. We are usually available to create a stunning wedding dress, even with little notice.

Did you see Daisy’s beautiful wedding featured in Woman’s Day? Below is the cover, I’ll show the many pages in a proper post tomorrow. Daisy was a beautiful bride and the photos look great!


For your personal dream wedding dress book a complimentary consultation with Anna.

Email us or ring 09 378 0821.

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Progress on the last minute dress?

On Tuesday I booked a bespoke wedding dress to be finished this Sunday. I had been planning to blog the progress yesterday after work, but when my last fitting was finished hubby took me out for dinner instead!

Here are a few photos showing the dress coming along, by yesterday evening it was ready for a fitting and looked great on, apart from having to be tweaked in the side seams.
We are working on the inside / outside and skirt layers separately, so several people can work on the wedding dress at the same time.


The lace has been layered on the silk base today and at this stage the skirt is just roughly pinned. I might have a play with the neckline tonight – we’re aiming for a V-neckline flowing into romantic lace motifs on sheer tulle. The motifs will lay on the skin and stand out in great detail, so planning out the lace motifs and hand appliqueing them is a job which needs quiet and time.

We have booked the second and last fitting for this wedding dress for tomorrow early morning – from then on it is a matter of finishing all beautifully.
I’ll let you know how it goes!


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Brides Testimonials

Our studio entrance is in bloom!

Studio entrance in bloom, Anna Schimmel, Bridal, New Zealand.

I am not the organized gardener who keeps everything neat and in order.  There’s only so much perfection one can strive for and all my energy goes into our beautiful wedding dresses, leaving little for other jobs.

With a landscape architect brother and a tree specialist sister I’m the one in the family who approaches plants in a more haphazard manner – if it blooms, has fragrance or is edible I’ll plant it.

Our studio entrance is particularly beautiful this time of year, though overdue for a trim. If you are planning to see us in the new year you’ll find everything neat, I’ll have time over Christmas when the workshop is closed, for some of those jobs which border on hobby.

In the meantime, we’re here until December 20th, then closed for a break and reopen January 7th. I look forward to meeting you then!

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Goodbye to Sammy

I’d like to say an official goodbye to Sammy, my sidekick and default designer accessory. 17 long years he did not leave my side. Many of you who worked with me over the years have come to know him as an intelligent cat, keen for pats and great with anyone who looked like they could do with some love. My pattern-maker was convinced Sammy the cat talked in English.
May there be sunny decks, inviting laps and shoulders which need a hug in heaven.
RIP Sammy

Busy With Wedding Dress Orders

It’s been quiet here on the blog as we have been so busy with our wedding dress orders! Clients often ask me how many dresses we work on at this time of year. While we always have some winter weddings or gowns going abroad during the cooler months, most of our work will always be for summer.

During the months of July to September there’s the pre-planning, when fabrics get ordered, and initial patterns are being drafted and trialed. During these months I try to push the workshop quite hard – there’s no deadlines and it is all too easy to get complacent. But anything which is not prepared during this quiet time is a lot harder to fit in as it gets busy, and I tend to book fittings in close order to keep everything on track.

Now, at the beginning of November we are moving into high season, with wedding dresses getting picked up every week and summer wedding dress orders in various stages of almost finished or still in bits. I try hard to build in buffers, just in case – I’m a great fan of the anything could happen scenario and plan for any emergency I can think of.

We are currently working on almost all dresses booked for weddings between now and April. As we get to the months of January and February we tend to put April on ice until mid March then go back to late summer / autumn weddings and finish those.

Today I had a consultation with a bride who is getting married in January. She hasn’t booked us yet, but said I will get a definite answer by Monday. I’d love to create for her the beautiful wedding dress we designed together, but have to admit it took me a while to find some available fitting appointments I could offer her in my calender. If booked though, her gown will be finished on time and look absolutely spectacular, without a doubt.


Are you looking for your perfect wedding dress?

We still take summer season bookings, but are also already booking right into late 2016. Consultations with Anna are complimentary – call us to discuss a time! Our number is 09 378 0812, or inquire by email

Our timelines, and how we work.

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