Our wedding dress on Good Morning!

The lovely editor Melissa from NZ Weddings magazine has asked us for a wedding dress to be featured on the Good Morning show tomorrow!

I had to send her the star gown from our new collection, the exquisite Sheer Back Wedding Dress. The show starts at 9 am on TV ONE. Those of you lucky enough to still be sitting at breakfast switch on and have a look.

If you haven’t seen it yet here is our stunning new bridal collection – many different looks, all beautiful. We have also just counted our wedding dresses in the studio and there are 50 different styles on the rack!
Plenty to choose from and to clear out a bit, we have put some on sale with sharp prices.

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Anna Schimmel Wedding Dress on Good Morning TV, NZ

Anna Schimmel Wedding Dress on Good Morning TV

Couture Wedding Dresses – Timelines!

I often hear from brides that they may be seeing me too late have a couture wedding dress created. I wonder how many brides feel pushed to buy a wedding dress off the rack simply because they couldn’t get organized early.

All our wedding dresses are created right here in our bridal atelier in Auckland, New Zealand. While you will always see me personally, we work as a very skilled & committed team. I am a meticulous planner and we work easily and reliably on much shorter time lines than what is perceived.

We stock many beautiful fabrics for our brides, so even on a shorter timeline you will have lots of exquisite laces and silks to choose from.  We also often get calls from brides who live further away and they are concerned about the amount of trips they may need to make for their perfect wedding dress. Here’s a few guidelines to give you an idea how much time we need.

Timeline – 6 month: Your great! We love you! You give us plenty of time to book your fabrics, plan ahead and you have even enough time to change you mind on your final style as things can move quite slowly.

Timeline – 3 months: Winter? Your great, see above.
Summer? If you are getting married during the peak season I’d advise to start now. This way your dream wedding dress will come together before it gets really busy and you won’t feel rushed. Due to the time frame fitting around Christmas I’d suggest you choose from the exclusive fabrics we have in stock. Fabrics still can be ordered in, but to actually having laces woven within this time frame can get a bit stressful (for me).

Timeline – 6 weeks: Winter? If I’m not in Europe, no problem.
Summer? If the fabric is here and you are pretty clear on the style you envision we’ll be able to fit you in. You won’t be able to make too many changes to the design discussed once the wedding dress is started, as there won’t be much time to back track. So stay off Pinterest and trust the process.

Timeline – 2 weeks: Winter? We’ll shuffle things and make space.
Summer? Take some rescue remedy first! We rescue a few brides every year from various online purchase or dressmaker disasters. Even with very short time frames we create stunning couture wedding dresses we are proud of. Creating a beautiful wedding dress within 10 days during high season there’s no fluffing about, we just get on with it and make you a stunning dress to your brief and the design sketched when we meet up.

Fly in – fly out: We often have brides fly in for their perfect wedding dress and three days gives us enough time with the bride. After this the bride can leave Auckland and if the wedding dress is not yet finished we’ll send it a few days later, beautifully finished. We need advance bookings for these trips as the complete workshop is set aside for you.

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Beautiful Beaded Wedding Dress| NZ Designer | Anna Schimmel

Beautiful Beaded Wedding Dress by NZ Bridal Designer Anna Schimmel.

New bridal collection – the photos are ready!

Finally – our new bridal collection photos are ready!! Here are a few of my favourites:

The beautiful bridal dress below is created from a fine embroidered Italian tulle. The tulle has arrived only recently from the newest European collections, and I have two other designs of this very pretty material.
Here we combined it with light porcelain silk satin for soft flow. Aren’t the buttons beautiful?

Bridal Collection NZ | Anna Schimmel

Bridal Collection NZ | Anna Schimmel

This new style is created from silk satin in a vintage ivory with a gathered dotted tulle skirt. The top looks simply great on and has a real fashion edge to it.
A layered tulle skirt softens the look to modern vintage and a bridal dress that is really fresh and fun. And I love the pretty detail on the hem!

Bridal Collection NZ | Anna Schimmel

Bridal Collection NZ | Anna Schimmel

This beautiful bridal dress consists of a simple, but perfectly tailored ivory silk satin gown with a beaded shrug.
The dress has a stunning flowing train, but is in itself slender fitted and very feminine! It looks stunning with or without the silver beaded shrug.

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Bridal Collection NZ | Anna Schimmel

Bridal Collection NZ | Anna Schimmel

The lovely shoes are by Trousseau Bridal Shoes.


First photo of Harriet’s romantic lace wedding dress!

In my inbox today – a beautiful photo from Harriet with a sweet note!

Harriet is based in Singapore but booked in with us for her romantic lace wedding dress when she was visiting family in NZ. It was a short visit and we just had time to catch up for a consultation and another very short meeting.  The bride-to-be arrived back in NZ just ten days before her wedding and we created her exquisite wedding dress pretty much within a week.

There was only one hiccup. Harriet had loved our diamante details we tried on her when she visited NZ, but by the time she booked in those pieces had been sold. I assured her not to worry and reordered the hand-beaded embroidered motifs for her.

When they arrived the colour tone of the beading was not as per the original sample. I was on the phone, sent emails to my supplier, but there was nothing to be done, the new run simply had a different toning.
I ended up lacquering the pieces by hand with a mother of pearl polish. Diamante pieces have to be removed before a wedding dress can be dry cleaned, so I knew the soft polish would be no issue down the track.

When Harriet saw me for her final fitting, just days before the wedding, we all agreed. The stunning romantic lace wedding dress, created from fine French Chantilly in a pure ivory silk, the glossy silk satin inner and the polished diamante pieces worked together beautifully.

The beautiful bride has promised me in her email from today that we will see more photos. Harriet looked fantastic and her romantic lace wedding dress was elegant and classic with an authentic vintage feel.
I can’t wait to see more wedding photos! Thanks Harriet!

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Harriet's Romantic Lace Wedding Dress | Anna Schimmel | NZ

Harriet’s Romantic Lace Wedding Dress | Anna Schimmel | NZ

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Lauren’s Vintage Wedding Dress

Here are the promised photos from Lauren’s beautiful vintage themed wedding. What an amazing day it must have been! Don’t the photos by Danelle Bohane look incredible? I love all the muted colours and the romantic country setting. The styling of Lauren’s wedding and all her photos has a very distinctive, authentic vintage theme which feels relaxed and natural.  And I just adore Lauren’s hair!

Lauren came to see me with a clear idea of the vintage wedding dress of her dreams, and from there it was easy to choose fabrics and sketch the design.
The bride’s vintage wedding dress was created from a fine crochet lace which we combined with sheer chiffon. Our Pretty Wedding Dress was along the lines of the look Lauren loved, but was completely redesigned, so only the fabrics remained of our original style. Lauren had her heart set on long lace sleeves and had a clear vision of the neckline she wanted. Clean edge, wide and almost square, which we softened a bit to flatter her decolletage.

The silk chiffon skirt was created from open panels over a slender cut inner silk dress. There is only one picture below where you can see how the skirt opens up – have a look if you can find it!
We created the inner wedding dress, the ‘base’ as we call it, from a rich crepe silk satin, for soft flow, and a luxurious sheen peeking through the lace top. The vintage cotton crochet lace is very soft, and feels comfortable as long slender sleeves.
Our wedding dresses tend to be light in weight as we use only very high quality fabrics. Lauren’s vintage wedding dress was light as air, as silk and lace has very little weight. It was comfortable on the day and cool to wear.
I love the look and feel of this beautiful wedding, and aren’t the photos gorgeous?

Thank you to Lauren for sending them!

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Wedding Dress Sketches

Back on my desk today, sketching wedding dresses for client orders. We keep our brides sketches confidential, so I can’t show you anything that’s currently booked or being made. But here’s a few of my favourite past sketches.

Our sketches are working sketches. I make sure the proportions are correct and will be accurate on the bride. Sometimes if a design is very complicated or intricate I need to sketch it first, before I know if the design will actually work.
Many considerations are necessary to ensure a design will look like the initial sketch.

How will the fabric flow and drop? What is it’s weight and sheerness?  Is the design of the lace chosen suitable to what we aim to achieve on the body?  Lace patterns can be quite distinctive, will the size and shape of the lace design enhance the gown design?
And last, but all important – is it technically possible, if not what changes have to be made?


This is Serena, who wore her grandmother’s wedding dress. This had also been worn by her mother. We re-designed it and reworked it, keeping another generation in mind.


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Beautiful back wedding dress

The first new images are coming back from the image artist. Here’s a beautiful back wedding dress, exquisite with it’s row of silk covered buttons.
We do many beautiful backs, some sheer, some nude with detailed edging…
I thought I may share with you a few of my favourite backs.

The below is a silver Chantilly lace wedding dress from our new collection. Here are some more photos!

Beautiful Back Wedding Dress

Beautiful Back Wedding Dress | NZ | Anna Schimmel

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Pretty wedding dress cape

A first photo of the pretty wedding dress cape we made for our new bridal collection. It’s really romantic and quite unique!

I have almost finished choosing all the new images which will go to the image artist tomorrow.  This evening I am visiting Carolyn Haslett who has photographed my bridal collections for years and has become a good friend. If you are still looking for a photographer, she photographs beautiful weddings. She has kindly offered to help me choose the final selection of photos.

We’re also currently writing the descriptions for each wedding dress ! Once the touched up images come back from the image artist they will go to my graphic designer who will crop them and load them into our gallery. So with a bit of luck all the stunning new work will be live by the end of the month;)

Wedding Dress Cape | NZ

Wedding Dress Cape | NZ | Anna Schimmel

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Wedding Dress Fashion – more photos!

This year when planning the new bridal collection I decided to work with a stronger fashion edge. We are know for beautiful, feminine wedding dresses which are timeless and classic.
I have no intention of changing this.

You are only getting married once, and a beautiful gown will not age. True, styles change and trends come and go. But if you think about wedding dresses worn by family and friends, royalty and celebrities, some always stand out as true classics.
However, a wedding dress with an unexpected, absolutely on trend feature will give a classic style a cool, fun twist. It gives you the opportunity to let your personality make a real statement! Here’s a few great shots from our new collection shoot with more of a fashion edge.

You have gorgeous legs – why not have a split which opens up only when you walk or dance?

Wedding Dress Fashion, NZ

Wedding Dress Fashion | New Zealand | Anna Schimmel

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