Beaded Wedding Dress Details

Looking around for new beaded wedding dress details I struggle to find what I’m looking for.

After my trip to the fine fabric exhibition in Paris I can safely say we have a well rounded collection of fine wedding dress fabrics. There was little shown I felt we needed, but still I stocked up on very cool & unusual items or fabrics simply too beautiful to pass by. Interestingly though, there was not much on beaded details on offer. Beading work is firm in Indian hands, whoever has watched a beading video understands why. They truly are masters of this skill, and the speed at which each bead is handled is simple incredible.

I already have a beautiful selection of details on offer, but exclusivity is hard to preserve and we like our materials exclusive. Also I am not after pretty, but drop dead, keep-you-awake-at-night spectacular. I am in contact with an English beading designer who owns their own Indian beading house. The items are stunning, but I would much like to have my very own beaders, with a designer creating work just for us.

So far I this has eluded me, therefore I have decided my next trip will be to India. There just has to be a way of getting hold of and meeting beading houses and striking up a working relationship.

One of my lovely brides is leaving to India on Friday to purchase the wedding dress for her Indian ceremony. I have asked her to possibly inquire if there is a trade show at some time of year for potential clients such as us.

If in the next season you see cropping up in our collection really amazing beading work which looks decidedly custom made you’ll know I’ve found what I was looking for:)


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Fine French Chantilly for your Wedding Dress

Today new fine French laces arrived! It was a real thrill to unpack the exquisite materials from the newest European collections.

There were so many stunning pieces I decided to show only some today. I will do a separate blog about the beaded fine laces next week. All the French laces featured are also called Leavers Lace, as they are woven on vintage Leavers looms by lace makers in and around Calais.

The lace below is of mid weight with a defined texture. It’s pattern features a large and floral design with a intricate edge wide enough for a long, detailed bodice. Very floral inspired and reminiscent of a rose garden this fine French lace is ideal for a very simple wedding dress. Here the floral design truly takes center stage!

chantilly-lace-wedding-dress-3 Continue reading

Fine French Laces – Arriving Soon!

Those of you who have been in our studio at some stage know we have a spectacular selection of beautiful fabrics in stock.

Most of our fine French laces come directly from one of Europe’s top couture mills and we truly are lucky to be supplied by this exclusive mill. The French looms our laces are woven on are all over one hundred years old, and as their length varies so does the piece length of each lace. I plan in pieces, as a lighter gown tends to need one piece and a larger gown approximately one and a half.

After much planning I finally have given the go ahead for the shipment of a new selection of laces from France. I had ordered these laces when they were still being designed by the mill and it has taken around three months for most items to be finished.
There are quite a few different new laces coming. Several of them are French Chantilly, hand beaded –  the very top of the range. When I get an order sheet emailed and the lace doesn’t even have a number, but is instead just called ‘Couture Calais Lace Beaded’ I know just how special it is.

The beautiful French laces should be here early next week, so if you want to have the first pick book a consultation now.

Or drop by on open day for a browse and to meet me.

Fine French Lace

Fine French Lace for Wedding Dresses

After a Wedding Dress Consultation!

This is a photo taken today after a wedding dress consultation with a bride-to-be.
You can see see how we pinned the lace on the mannequin to check the flow of the beautiful lace and the look of it’s texture, once it sits flat and fitted on a figure.

I love having a wide selection of exquisite laces and silks in stock and being able to pull them all out for the bride to choose from! We have a great variety of exclusive French Leavers laces and a selection of the more dramatic Guipures. Most of our materials we source directly from a French mill, where we can pick the best of the new.
For the woman who prefers her ideal wedding dress a bit simpler we stock plenty of silks, from glossy satin to soft matte crepe. There’s all different hues, weight & flow such as tissue silk, fluid silk, chiffon and lots more.
I also am a great fan of a bit of sparkle and always stock up on spectacular hand-beaded diamante pieces and trims.

Currently I am waiting for an order from France to be shipped, we have been waiting for several pieces to be woven and hand-beaded to order. This takes around three month, so I have been pretty patient until today! This morning I asked for all that is ready to be sent. The laces coming are French Chantilly hand-beaded – the very top of the range. I admit to being very excited!!

The new fabrics should be here within the week, to come and and take your pick book a consultation now.

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After a Wedding Dress Consultation!

After a Wedding Dress Consultation! Anna Schimmel, NZ

Beautiful back wedding dresses

are coming in our new collection. I have to admit to being greatly excited with every bridal collection we develop and launch – every year it feel like it’s the best collection we have ever done. When my senior dressmaker Ellie says: “Anna, I LOVE it!” then I know I’m onto a good thing.

This year I have decided to work pretty un-restrained. I simply create what strikes my fancy as long as it’s new, looks fantastic, fits in with current trends and truly flatters women. Thus the variety of styles is very wide with a stunning wedding dress for every taste.
Here’s one we’re just working on, it will be a simple silk dress with intricate cut. Still undecided on the skirt fabric: Italian crepe de chine over a light viscose lining? Sheer, mat chiffon over silk satin?
Anyway I’ll have to decide soon, this wedding dress is on the list to be finished by the end of this week.
Check our my favourite silk dresses from the past collections:
I love the Silk Satin Wedding Dress as well as the Flowing Wedding Dress among others. Come in to see us to try them on and to view our beautiful new styles!

Beautiful Back Wedding Dress

Beautiful Back Wedding Dress

Cutting beaded lace wedding dresses

All our beaded and unbeaded lace wedding dresses are tailored individually, with the final cut depending on the flow of each material. The exclusive laces we layer on our wedding dress styles vary greatly in design, texture and weight. Due to this we tend to work each lace directly on the base dress, where we can accommodate the unique lace pattern, the weight, and check how the lace edging on the hem is fitting around the wedding dress design. Then the lace is unpinned again, and after this we often finalise the exact cut on our (pristinely cleaned) studio floor. Here the lace design shows up much stronger then on our white work tables and it is easy match lace design and the planned cut perfectly for both sides. Most of our laces are still hand-crafted on French looms around two hundred years old! Due to this traditional craftsmanship beautiful laces may be slightly uneven, designs repeats may vary a little and the pattern may not be perfectly even. Interestingly this slight variation is exactly what makes those laces so precious – they are created one at a time and have the individual beauty to prove it.
We are the lace wedding dress specialist in NZ. We are known for a portfolio of stunning lace wedding dresses, both in our collections or custom designed for brides.
In the coming weeks some new laces will be arriving from France, keep an eye on this blog – I’ll feature them when they come in!

Beaded Lace Dress

Cutting a beaded lace wedding dress.

In the studio – beaded wedding dress

Here we’re working on a beaded wedding dress during a fitting with my client.

One of the reasons I always see my clients personally is my belief that a great design has to evolve. An initial plan is absolutely necessary, but giving the design freedom to develop can lead to great new ideas.
Working directly with each bride-to-be we make sure the fabric is used in the way it flows and flatters her most, really working with the materials chosen, rather than restrict them to fit around the style planned.
Due to my many years of experience and my direct involvement in the workshop we are usually really close with the initial design, and often the sketch I draft during the consultation looks exactly like the finished wedding dress.
However I often feel the small tweaks and adjustments made during the creation of each gown not only influence the fit of the final style, but are what really makes each wedding dress come to life!


Embroidered lace – new collection!

Love this embroidered lace which recently arrived from Europe. It’s going into the new collection and here we’re figuring out how to get the most out of the beautiful texture. It’s being combined with porcelain silk satin and is designed for a very classic, yet modern look.

Come in next week for a consultation and you’ll be the first to try it on!


Gold French lace – the latest trend.

Metallic, in particular gold laces are the latest trend in bridal fashion! French Chantilly’s are now coming through in many metallic hues, from soft copper (I have one on order with a stunning wide border), antique silver (in stock) to dramatic gold (also in stock:)
These shades soften beautifully over subtle ivory or you can make them pop over crisp natural white. Come in and check them out!french-lace-gold