New wedding dress style just finished!

The initial style idea:

A summery strappy lightweight wedding dress style with a low back, and (as typical of our cuts) with good hold in the bust. Crossed straps do the job very well, I was looking for a new way to do this.

Here the straps create a diamond – great fit, cute detail, with the back very open. I made the pattern, fine-tuned the dress looks good in a mock up!

 Strappy wedding dress mock up

We made a first prototype dress – it gapes in various places… not sure the waist seam is at the right height? All kind of looks a bit messy.

So I’ve redone the wedding dress pattern and made a new version. Comparing the two..

Prefer the first dress style, the second I made is a no. Maybe the original top just needs a better fit?

Trying it on a bride. 

Back to the drawing board.

Finished the new wedding dress style!

The back is stunning!

Seeing the wedding dress in a consultation.

Love the lightness the straps give it.

Fancy trying it on? My first wedding dress is a size 10, though I will be making an 8 in the next two weeks for our photo shoot. Size 12 will be ready mid November. If you’re wondering what size you’ll fit, check our FAQ page for specs.

Our consultations are complimentary, you’ll always meet with the designer personally.

This wedding dress will be priced a $2590 inclusive of GST. If you’d like to add a lace overlay of your choice, this is possible at an extra $500. In case you haven’t heard each sale sponsors a girls’ education for a year.

To come in please book a time online.

See you soon! Anna

We’re still taking bookings for summer.

So many of the brides who are coming to see me now have their wedding planned for this summer. Usually the first question is: “Have I left it too late”?

At this stage we are still taking bookings for summer weddings. Timelines differ a bit, depending on the wedding dress you’re choosing.

Boho lace wedding dress.

The stunning Boho lace wedding dress.

Lace may need to be ordered – in some cases fabrics even have to be woven to order. Patterns may need to be graded or the style is still being fine tuned. Beading will have to be painstakingly hand-made.

However, we can usually make it work. Just last week a bride who’s flown in from Germany has booked her dream gown with us, and will be picking it up early December on the way to the airport.

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Back from New York!

What a month it has been!

Taking our ready-to-wear bridal collection to show at the New York International Bridal Week it’s been a busy few months. We needed to show a minimum of 20 styles, and of course all supporting material had to be up to scratch.

The favorite styles at the show were our fitted diamante detailed gowns, with the classic Diamante Back Wedding Dress particularly popular.

NY bridal week our booth.

In the meantime one of our beautiful brides has been featured in Stuff weddings. Alexia and Paul’s Greek wedding had everything you’d imagine in a perfect fairy tale.

Chuffed that Alexia has included such a kind comment about us:) Thanks Alexia!

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Update from the workshop

It’s been a busy few months, with new styles being added to our wedding dress collection almost every week.

There’s some great new wedding dresses here and I am aiming for 30 stunning styles in a variety of sizes on our racks for later this year.

Soft & light wedding dress, cotton lace over nude silk.

New soft & light wedding dress, cotton lace over nude silk, currently in store in a size 12.

Our first Trunk show in Sydney at Marry Me Bridal is nearly over and the full wedding dress collection will be back in the studio by Saturday September 24th.

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Ready-to-wear. The 1st dress is ready!

Finally I feel settled enough in the new place to get moving on our long announced ready-to-wear bridal collection. Here is the story of the first dress!

Lace wrapped on mannequin.

The initial idea!

Pinning various versions on the mannequin, I love this lace placement on the body, as well as the asymmetric pattern on the upper front. The light and romantic feeling the lace gives calls for a tulle skirt and fitted slip.

I had the tulle lace custom made in France and the design has been embroidered just as ordered. It feels great to know it’s completely exclusive to us.

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Lots of changes at Anna Schimmel!

We’ve survived the high season with each bride happy!

During the last weeks we finished many beautiful wedding dresses, worked with some wonderful brides and already the new seasons first Thank You’s and stunning wedding photos are arriving in my letterbox.


I haven’t blogged at all for several weeks while lots of changes have been happening here:

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The last minute dress is finished!

It’s been a big day today. We had three beautiful wedding dresses picked up, a few fittings / consultations and of course were working on finishing our last minute wedding dress.

Today is our final day, we will be closed until January 6th.  I will occasionally check my email though I am hoping to stay clear of the office as much as possible!

Below the final photos of the creation of this last minute wedding dress:


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Last Minute Pre-Christmas Order!

This morning I booked my last wedding dress to be created before Christmas. The custom silk & lace dress needs to be finished this Sunday and with us officially going on leave after Saturday I decided I could stretch it a little and have this final dress picked up on my first official day off.

The time schedule is short, but we should be ok – we have a sample dress which fitted well and gives us a basic cut, and we know the style we are working towards. I have no plans for the coming evenings, so I’ll have some spare time up my sleeve to work on it when the workshop is quiet.

Here is the style the client loves, but we will change it to a very open and fitted V-neckline. The below is a simple dress the bride-to-be tried on today – it is nothing like the style we are after, but the top looked fantastic and it gives us a finished fit for the neckline and straps. The marked hip line is the height where in the new style the skirt will start from.

Tomorrow we will cut the base dress and put it together for the client to slip into it late afternoon. I’ll post a few photos tomorrow and show you what we have done on it and how far it’s come!

In the workshop of Anna Schimmel Bridal hangs a sample pinned for a client who fitted & liked the shape.

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Brides’ Own Wedding Dress Fabric

Once in a while we take on brides who bring in their own wedding dress fabric. As a designer not knowing the origin of a material can be a bit disconcerting.
There may only just be enough of it, which could cause great problems if for any reason a part of the wedding dress had to be re-cut during the making.
Or the fabric may not be as high quality as the client assumes, and cause problems down the line, leading to questions into whose responsibility any issues are.

However, occasionally brides bring in beautiful fabrics which may have been a thoughtful gift, have great meaning or are really rare. The clients understand the value of the gorgeous material they own and want to make sure it only goes to  a very skilled and talented designer. Those are the brides who book us to create their dream wedding dress from their own fabric.

I love working with meaningful material and enjoy creating magic from a heirloom piece or luxurious gift. Below is something stunning we are working on at the moment. The exquisite hand beaded material comes from Arabia and there is enough for a incredible wedding dress – if it’s carefully cut. So this week, after much planning and calculation it was finally cut into, and looked incredible when tried on. Isn’t the beading really special?

To have your own spectacular wedding dress created you don’t need to bring any fabric – we have the most spectacular bridal fabric collection in the country!

We still take summer bookings and would love to design your perfect wedding dress! To see Anna call us on 09 378 0812, or inquire by email

Our timelines, and how we work.

View our beautiful brides, browse the new collection and follow us on the blog!


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Tulle Petticoats!

Many of our bigger skirted wedding dresses are worn with a separate tulle petticoat.
Our specialist supplier of German spring steel hooping is based in Canada of all places and we regularly fly in several qualities for our tulle petticoats.

Some wider bands are for bigger wedding dress skirts and narrower ones get used for smaller, softer skirt styles. The steel hooping looks pretty serious on a roll and when cutting it into the length required has to be handled with caution. It is very springy & pointy and can take an eye out if you’re not careful with the steel cutters.

However once the sharp edges are secured and the band is tamed into a tunnel the hooping feels light and springy and has literally no weight. It’s great stuff, can easily fit into a front seat if you hope to arrive in a vintage two seater and will lightly pop back as soon as you get out of the car. It also bends softly when seated or dancing, so the skirt shape looks organic and natural.
We cut our petticoats in soft cotton, to be cool and natural on the skin. Then we layer them with soft tulle for pretty softness and rustle.

I took the below picture this week when a mis-communication between my pattern maker and my new intern produced not the very large petticoat a bride had requested, but instead this absolutely enormous item. While the massive tulle petticoat was quickly rectified I just had to take a photo!

Even with all the experience (70 years?) we have between my team and me, things still sometimes don’t always work out just right on the first go. It’s the time and thought spent working ideas through, planning, backtracking and problem solving which makes for great design. To push boundaries we cannot opt for safe in everything we do, great design has to be new and often brave.

Beautiful couture wedding dresses start out as ideas, are tweaked, changed, rectified, altered and re-thought. Many hours later, much thought and consideration later they are finished to look effortlessly amazing, memorable and truly one of a kind.

Why don’t you come in and have your own amazing wedding dress created? Call us on 09 378 0812 for your dream gown, or inquire by email.

View our beautiful brides, browse the new bridal collection and follow us on the blog.

Our timelines, and how we work.

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