Quiet Sunday in our Bridal Studio

We had a busy week last week, and Saturday was our last day in the studio, before the $5000 Win Your Dream Wedding Dress is being drawn tomorrow. I’m quite excited and wonder who will be the lucky bride!

It’s been an altogether busy winter season. This year we had quite a few April brides, so high season kept us busy right into autumn. From there our new website was being built, which took up much of my time and frayed my nerves with the developers struggling to keep to schedules and plans. Then my immigrated pattern maker decided to go back home to Europe as she missed her family. A new pattern maker was hired and the website finished (well- almost) when I finally was able to immerse myself into the new collection.

I had decided not to rush our bridal collection. We are known for beautiful wedding dresses and every year the expectation is for something better, newer, more exciting. Taking it slowly, working with two pattern makers, one handing over, the other one coming in we pulled off a stunning bridal collection, our best so far.

Now we are almost back in high season. With the weather what it is today I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I did what no one here ever seems to gets around to.

I overhauled our machinery in the workshop, sorted the shelving and generally got things organized and ready for the next season. It’s quite sparkly now and will help make things easier when it gets really busy. Doing these chores isn’t really my job anymore, there are others I could assign to do this. But it is a good opportunity to see for myself what we have (excellent machinery, lots of great materials, specialist imported tools…) and what we need (better lighting and a large pin board).  We are pretty limited on space, so I am strict on clutter – if it’s not used it’s got to go.

Which reminds me to mention we have put some gowns on sale, if you’re looking for a great deal, you should drop by and have a look!

I will be leaving to Paris for the finest fabric exhibition in the world on the 11th of September and will be away for 10 days. To try on our collection Megan will be able to assist you in my absence. Or contact me now and we book a time to catch up before I leave.

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Auckland Bridal Wear | New Zealand |Designer Bridal | Anna Schimmel

Bridal Designer | Auckland New Zealand | Bridal Wear | Anna Schimmel

Beautiful bridal wear by Anna Schimmel, European bridal designer, Auckland, New Zealand.

Wedding Dress leaving for Europe! Exports and such…

We have quite a few brides every year who export their wedding dress and get married overseas.
They may be based in New Zealand but get married in their or their fiancee’s home country. The wedding might be planned as a tropical island getaway. Or our client may be an Australian bride who is flying in to have her perfect wedding dress made with us.

If you are planning to get married outside of NZ, it may be worthwhile exporting your wedding dress. It will save you money, but you should also look into your other large purchases, such as your wedding bands, to accumulate substantial savings. Ask your supplier to work out for you if the cost of the item is high enough to justify the fees which are charged at the airport and make a decision based on this.

To export an item it has to be brand-new and only get used once it has left NZ soil. There are strict regulations, but these are the responsibility of the suppliers. All you need to do is inform the business of your flight details and pick up your wedding dress once you have gone through the gate at the airport. We have wedding dresses leaving the country to go to Europe and many other parts of the world every month and never had any issues at all. In fact exporting your wedding dress is a lot easier than it may seem.
If a bride gives us a wedding location abroad we usually offer to export, but ask for it when you buy other items, as I often hear that brides forgot to arrange export when purchasing the rings.

Read our brides testimonials, browse the collection and follow us on the blog.  Book a consultation  today or drop in on open day every Thursday.

Nessa’s beautiful wedding dress was exported to Ireland for her dream wedding!


The below wedding dress left to Italy recently.

Wedding Dress Leaving for Europe | Anna Schimmel | NZ

This beaded wedding dress is leaving to Hungary today:)


Fine French Laces – Arriving Soon!

Those of you who have been in our studio at some stage know we have a spectacular selection of beautiful fabrics in stock.

Most of our fine French laces come directly from one of Europe’s top couture mills and we truly are lucky to be supplied by this exclusive mill. The French looms our laces are woven on are all over one hundred years old, and as their length varies so does the piece length of each lace. I plan in pieces, as a lighter gown tends to need one piece and a larger gown approximately one and a half.

After much planning I finally have given the go ahead for the shipment of a new selection of laces from France. I had ordered these laces when they were still being designed by the mill and it has taken around three months for most items to be finished.
There are quite a few different new laces coming. Several of them are French Chantilly, hand beaded –  the very top of the range. When I get an order sheet emailed and the lace doesn’t even have a number, but is instead just called ‘Couture Calais Lace Beaded’ I know just how special it is.

The beautiful French laces should be here early next week, so if you want to have the first pick book a consultation now.

Or drop by on open day for a browse and to meet me.

Fine French Lace

Fine French Lace for Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress collection shoot – tomorrow!

It all happening – tomorrow we are shooting our new wedding dress collection. The gowns are ready, there’s a bit more packing up to do and then it’s just one more sleep.
I admit to being very excited and a bit nervous. We are doing something quite different this year, and the location has never before been shown anywhere (it’s private). Wouldn’t it be great if the rain would let up a bit? It’s a small place and by the time the whole crew is in it the place will be a bit crowded.
We’ve got some great wedding dresses to show you, the styles range widely, with lots of differing look and feel. There’s drama, vintage, a bit sexy, some very classic wedding dresses and lots more, all created from the most beautiful new silks and laces.

Thursday we will be posting a video preview, so keep an eye out!

To try on the gorgeous new dresses book a personal consultation now.

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Wedding Dress Collection NZ

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