Wedding Dress Sketches

Back on my desk today, sketching wedding dresses for client orders. We keep our brides sketches confidential, so I can’t show you anything that’s currently booked or being made. But here’s a few of my favourite past sketches.

Our sketches are working sketches. I make sure the proportions are correct and will be accurate on the bride. Sometimes if a design is very complicated or intricate I need to sketch it first, before I know if the design will actually work.
Many considerations are necessary to ensure a design will look like the initial sketch.

How will the fabric flow and drop? What is it’s weight and sheerness?  Is the design of the lace chosen suitable to what we aim to achieve on the body?  Lace patterns can be quite distinctive, will the size and shape of the lace design enhance the gown design?
And last, but all important – is it technically possible, if not what changes have to be made?


This is Serena, who wore her grandmother’s wedding dress. This had also been worn by her mother. We re-designed it and reworked it, keeping another generation in mind.


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Sketching Wedding Dresses

Many of our summer wedding dresses are being booked at this time of year. We send out an original design sketch and fabric swatches which are treasured by the bride-to be as a reference, and we keep a copy as a working sketch.  “The  sketch” is a such a key element to begin the beautiful process of creating our brides dream gown that I am always looking to hone my drawing skills. I am currently attending a life drawing class on a Wednesday evening where I am enjoying the challenge of drawing the nude human form. I am having fun with the course and feel that my drawings are reflecting that.