How To Wear Nude

Nude coloured fabrics underneath dramatic laces are currently a big trend and many brides like the idea of a skin or tan shading to their lace wedding dress.

There’s a lot one can do wrong with nude bases – it’s a tricky shade to get right and small changes can make all the difference. Here’s some tips which will help you achieve a stunning look:

– Keep the nude base fitted, but make sure it doesn’t cling. Any unevenness on your body, even if it’s just your bra strap, will be emphasized by a skin hue and clingy, thin material can be quite unflattering.

– Choose a softly flowing base fabric. The whole idea of a skin inner is for your wedding dress to have a sensual and subtly sexy feel, this can only be achieved if the base drops slender on the body, without any stiffness or creasing.

– Match the colour carefully to your skin tone. Check it in daylight with & without the overlay. Steer away from tones which are too fleshy, yellow hued or blue toned. If you can’t find a suitable colour consider opting more creamy or sand.

– Warm based laces will look best over skin coloured inners. Bright white (which is blue based) or silver overlays can clash, while porcelain, ivory, ecru, or gold will all stand out beautifully and make your skin (and the fabric) look great.

Keep the above in mind  and you’ll pull off this spectacular eye-catching bridal fashion beautifully!


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