2015 Wedding Dress Trends

2015 Wedding Dress Trends are revealing exciting state-of-the-art looks sure to animate fashion-conscious brides. 2015 bridal fashion has tamed and embraced bold colours such as ethereal metallic shades and new creams. The sheer variety of exciting new dress cuts hitting the runways this year is impressive and will surprise and delight prospective brides and accommodate a wide range of personal tastes. The Trumpet dress, also known as the Mermaid, is a form-fitting style that has elevated to a new level of vogue and will inspire brides to walk down this aisle in striking silhouettes. Since their bloom in 2014, high-end vintage designs have not waned—in fact, they are getting more adventurous.  For traditional brides, there is a renaissance of intricately tailored ballroom dresses with sweeping and full skirts. Every bride will find elements of her dream wedding dress on the run way this year. Read on to discover the most beautiful 2015 wedding dress trends.

The Mermaid Dress

2015 wedding dress trends are saluting the Mermaid Dress; a dress that should be rechristened the Modern Day Aphrodite as it boasts a lovely hourglass shape channeling a goddess-like disposition. The Mermaid’s profile is a sophisticated and elegant way to highlight your femininity and form. The effect of the Mermaid is utterly mesmerizing and will be sure to captivate your audience.

Stunning mermaid dress by Anna Schimmel


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Beautiful Low Backs

If there’s one all-encompassing trend of the season it’s the low back. It is rare for a bride not to ask for it and we are currently working on beautiful low backs in many different cuts and designs.

On the whole low backs work a lot better if you have straps, the straps will hold the wedding dress on your shoulders and you will be able to go pretty low before your gown loses shape.

Often very low backs featured on Pinterest or other online sites have a sheer skin net holding the back. Our skin net is French and it indeed is almost invisible and blends perfectly with the skin. Some of the very open backs, maybe with detailing on the very edges blending into the skin, can only be done with a skin net. Otherwise, beyond actually gluing your wedding dress to your skin certain shapes simply cannot be achieved. While invisible in photos even the finest skin net loses you this true nude look, which makes a beautiful low back wedding dress so sensual and understatedly sexy.

There is a whole industry which supplies lingerie for low backs, but here is what I have found works: Ultimo UK sells a brilliant low back bodysuit, which gives you a good low back, it’s seamless and has under wire and great cups. Good for most standard body sizes, but does not fit shorter girls.


If a girl has a small cup size bust cups in the wedding dress work well. A small bust doesn’t really need support, it’s more about adding shape and bust cups will do that. If you’re brave and can’t find anything that really works get some wide strapping tape and tape an underwire shape under your bust. While not for the faint hearted it works well up to a C cup and makes you completely independent of underwear, while shaping and restraining the bounce.

Once your low back is cut open to below the small of the back you will loose fit under the bust and in the waist. It is a tradeoff and before going this low it is worthwhile checking if the lower shape is stunning enough for the fit sacrifices you will have to make. Once a back is very low the wedding dress can get quite loose and may start to move about, rather than sitting where it should. Add a large and weighty train and it will hold everything down and in shape.

Low back wedding dresses can look breathtaking, but to look as good from the front as from the back, great cut is everything.  See us to design your perfect low back wedding dress which looks amazing back and front!

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With Love From Paris


Here I am in a little old hotel, right in the heart on Paris. It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I was kindly welcomed my sister and her husband who had made the trip to Paris for a mini break and to see me. During my first days here my wonderful sister guided us with German efficiency through the sights. Me being used to NZ’s more leisurely approach I found it interesting but rather exhausting.

Paris city is ruled by pedestrians and bikes. There is something quite breathtaking about the chaotic seeming traffic where the plentiful bikes look out for the pedestrians, the cars look out for the bikes and the pedestrians look out for themselves only (or not at all as most of them are on the phone).

The city’s scale is immense. Small shops line the narrow alleys, the corners are occupied by street cafes. It’s quite sweet how in all cafes the tables and chairs are orientated outwards to the road – for people watching, and having a chat with whoever happens to wander past.

Pompous palaces are everywhere. They are incredibly beautiful, but make me wonder how many suffered for those massive, lavish show pieces. Paris city’s streets are lined with closely planted, very tall Plantain trees. It creates a living environment, with dappled shadows, autumn leaves, though the only living beings within these green walls are the many beggars with their indispensable pets.

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Fine French Laces – Arriving Soon!

Those of you who have been in our studio at some stage know we have a spectacular selection of beautiful fabrics in stock.

Most of our fine French laces come directly from one of Europe’s top couture mills and we truly are lucky to be supplied by this exclusive mill. The French looms our laces are woven on are all over one hundred years old, and as their length varies so does the piece length of each lace. I plan in pieces, as a lighter gown tends to need one piece and a larger gown approximately one and a half.

After much planning I finally have given the go ahead for the shipment of a new selection of laces from France. I had ordered these laces when they were still being designed by the mill and it has taken around three months for most items to be finished.
There are quite a few different new laces coming. Several of them are French Chantilly, hand beaded –  the very top of the range. When I get an order sheet emailed and the lace doesn’t even have a number, but is instead just called ‘Couture Calais Lace Beaded’ I know just how special it is.

The beautiful French laces should be here early next week, so if you want to have the first pick book a consultation now.

Or drop by on open day for a browse and to meet me.

Fine French Lace

Fine French Lace for Wedding Dresses