Beautiful Bride – Amanda

We love it when a bride-to-be discovers Anna Schimmel through word of mouth. That’s exactly what happened when our beautiful bride Amanda saw her friend’s couture wedding dress. Amanda was inspired and instantly knew she had found her wedding dress designer.


Amanda brought in pictures of her ideal look to her consultation. She loved the on trend look of lace over nude with a mermaid shape and lots of layering. We decided to personalize the design but stay on look.

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Look what’s arrived from NZ Weddings Magazine!

This is indeed my favourite editorial feature in the current NZ Weddings Magazine. Our Bohemian Lace Wedding Dress on a truly gorgeous model. A large show card arrived today and while I don’t usually put the big cards into our studio I’ll definitely display this.

Together with the stunning flowers a friend sent me and my new tea set I seem to be all on trend – it’s all very floral indeed. The yellow peony peeking into the corner must be the largest one I have ever seen! NZ-WeddingsMag

Our brides had same absolutely spectacular bouquets this season, Anna’s is to die for and I loved Felicity’s just as much. Can’t wait to see what the new season brings!

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Beautiful Low Backs

If there’s one all encompassing trend of the season it’s the low back. It is rare for a bride not to ask for it and we are currently working on beautiful low backs in many different cuts and designs.

On the whole low backs work a lot better if you have straps, the straps will hold the wedding dress on your shoulders and you will be able to go pretty low before your gown loses shape.

Often very low backs featured on Pinterest or other online sites have a sheer skin net holding the back. Our skin net is French and it indeed is almost invisible and blends perfectly with the skin. Some of the very open backs, maybe with detailing on the very edges blending into the skin, can only be done with a skin net. Otherwise, beyond actually gluing your wedding dress to your skin certain shapes simply cannot be achieved. While invisible in photos even the finest skin net looses you this true nude look, which makes a beautiful low back wedding dress so sensual and understatedly sexy.

There is a whole industry which supplies lingerie for low backs, but here is what I have found works: Ultimo UK sells a brilliant low back body suit, which gives you a good low back, it’s seamless and has under wire and great cups. Good for most standard body sizes, but does not fit shorter girls.


If a girl has a small cup size bust cups in the wedding dress work well. A small bust doesn’t really need support, it’s more about adding shape and bust cups will do that. If you’re brave and can’t find anything that really works get some wide strapping tape and tape an under wire shape under your bust. While not for the faint hearted it works well up to a C cup and makes you completely independent of underwear, while shaping and restraining the bounce.

Once your low back is cut open to below the small of the back you will loose fit under the bust and in the waist. It is a tradeoff and before going this low it is worthwhile checking if the lower shape is stunning enough for the fit sacrifices you will have to make. Once a back is very low the wedding dress can get quite loose and may start to move about, rather than sitting where it should. Add a large and weighty train and it will hold everything down and in shape.

Low back wedding dresses can look breathtaking, but to look as good from the front as from the back, great cut is everything.  See us to design your perfect low back wedding dress which looks amazing back and front!

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Back in NZ – a bit of reflection

It’s been so incredibly inspiring to go to the Paris fine fabric exhibition, but I love being back in the studio and our workshop. My team’s been great, they have worked really hard while I was away and it feels good to come back to an organized, smoothly run atelier. With the team performing so well without me, I may be able to plan a few long weekends away this summer, which will be a real treat.

I love what I do, and the time away has rekindled my passion for our work. We all here are extremely proud of the beautiful wedding dresses we create, but it’s really the synergy with our wonderful brides which keeps us moving forward. Each bride is so special, her story is unique and so is her vision. This is a woman planning for the most important day of her life and she chooses us to create the wedding dress of her dreams. For us to promise to do so carries a lot of responsibility.

We are privileged to travel this path with the bride during the sometimes challenging months before the wedding. There is great excitement, but also the pressures of wedding and finance planning which may put strain on the bride. Family tensions, body insecurities, the relentless search for perfection. A lot of expectations are placed on one day, not least by the bride herself.

In our studio the bride is why we’re here, she is the center. Our job is to assist her to create the vision she has of herself at her most beautiful. Flawless, with a perfect body. Some of us are lucky, but for those of you who need a bit more help – I assure you, magic is real (and a lot of it has to do with great cut!)

Having a wedding dress created is completely and without any excuses all about you. Relax and enjoy, we are here to catch your dream.

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With Love From Paris


Here I am in a little old hotel, right in the heart on Paris. It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I was kindly welcomed my sister and her husband who had made the trip to Paris for a mini break and to see me. During my first days here my wonderful sister guided us with German efficiency through the sights. Me being used to NZ’s more leisurely approach I found it interesting but rather exhausting.

Paris city is ruled by pedestrians and bikes. There is something quite breathtaking about the chaotic seeming traffic where the plentiful bikes look out for the pedestrians, the cars look out for the bikes and the pedestrians look out for themselves only (or not at all as most of them are on the phone).

The city’s scale is immense. Small shops line the narrow alleys, the corners are occupied by street cafes. It’s quite sweet how in all cafes the tables and chairs are orientated outwards to the road – for people watching, and having a chat with whoever happens to wander past.

Pompous palaces are everywhere. They are incredibly beautiful, but make me wonder how many suffered for those massive, lavish show pieces. Paris city’s streets are lined with closely planted, very tall Plantain trees. It creates a living environment, with dappled shadows, autumn leaves, though the only living beings within these green walls are the many beggars with their indispensable pets.

Tourists abound. Thankfully my hotel is set in a little forgotten corner behind the main roads, as the crowds of people can get a bit much. Despite this, the French are friendly and helpful, but apparently more so if you are female. Continue reading

Quiet Sunday in our bridal studio

We had a busy week last week, and Saturday was our last day in the studio, before the $5000 Win Your Dream Wedding Dress is being drawn tomorrow. I’m quite excited and wonder who will be the lucky bride!

It’s been an altogether busy winter season. This year we had quite a few April brides, so high season kept us busy right into autumn. From there our new website was being built, which took up much of my time and frayed my nerves with the developers struggling to keep to schedules and plans. Then my immigrated pattern maker decided to go back home to Europe as she missed her family. A new pattern maker was hired and the website finished (well- almost) when I finally was able to immerse myself into the new collection.

I had decided not to rush our bridal collection. We are known for beautiful wedding dresses and every year the expectation is for something better, newer, more exciting. Taking it slowly, working with two pattern makers, one handing over, the other one coming in we pulled off a stunning bridal collection, our best so far.

Now we are almost back in high season. With the weather what it is today I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I did what no one here ever seems to gets around to.

I overhauled our machinery in the workshop, sorted the shelving and generally got things organized and ready for the next season. It’s quite sparkly now and will help make things easier when it gets really busy. Doing these chores isn’t really my job anymore, there are others I could assign to do this. But it is a good opportunity to see for myself what we have (excellent machinery, lots of great materials, specialist imported tools…) and what we need (better lighting and a large pin board).  We are pretty limited on space, so I am strict on clutter – if it’s not used it’s got to go.

Which reminds me to mention we have put some gowns on sale, if you’re looking for a great deal, you should drop by and have a look!

I will be leaving to Paris for the finest fabric exhibition in the world on the 11th of September and will be away for 10 days. To try on our collection Megan will be able to assist you in my absence. Or contact me now and we book a time to catch up before I leave.

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Auckland Bridal Wear | New Zealand |Designer Bridal | Anna Schimmel

Bridal Designer | Auckland New Zealand | Bridal Wear | Anna Schimmel

Beautiful bridal wear by Anna Schimmel, European bridal designer, Auckland, New Zealand.

Fine French laces – arriving soon!

Those of you who have been in our studio at some stage know we have a spectacular selection of beautiful fabrics in stock.

Most of our fine French laces come directly from one of Europe’s top couture mills and we truly are lucky to be supplied by this exclusive mill. The French looms our laces are woven on are all over one hundred years old, and as their length varies so does the piece length of each lace. I plan in pieces, as a lighter gown tends to need one piece and a larger gown approximately one and a half.

After much planning I finally have given the go ahead for the shipment of a new selection of laces from France. I had ordered these laces when they were still being designed by the mill and it has taken around three months for most items to be finished.
There are quite a few different new laces coming. Several of them are French Chantilly, hand beaded –  the very top of the range. When I get an order sheet emailed and the lace doesn’t even have a number, but is instead just called ‘Couture Calais Lace Beaded’ I know just how special it is.

The beautiful French laces should be here early next week, so if you want to have the first pick book a consultation now.

Or drop by on open day for a browse and to meet me.

Fine French Lace

Fine French Lace for Wedding Dresses