Couture Wedding Dresses – Timelines!

I often hear from brides that they may be seeing me too late have a couture wedding dress created. I wonder how many brides feel pushed to buy a wedding dress off the rack simply because they couldn’t get organized early.

All our wedding dresses are created right here in our bridal atelier in Auckland, New Zealand. While you will always see me personally, we work as a very skilled & committed team. I am a meticulous planner and we work easily and reliably on much shorter time lines than what is perceived.

We stock many beautiful fabrics for our brides, so even on a shorter timeline you will have lots of exquisite laces and silks to choose from.  We also often get calls from brides who live further away and they are concerned about the amount of trips they may need to make for their perfect wedding dress. Here’s a few guidelines to give you an idea how much time we need.

Timeline – 6 month: Your great! We love you! You give us plenty of time to book your fabrics, plan ahead and you have even enough time to change you mind on your final style as things can move quite slowly.

Timeline – 3 months: Winter? Your great, see above.
Summer? If you are getting married during the peak season I’d advise to start now. This way your dream wedding dress will come together before it gets really busy and you won’t feel rushed. Due to the time frame fitting around Christmas I’d suggest you choose from the exclusive fabrics we have in stock. Fabrics still can be ordered in, but to actually having laces woven within this time frame can get a bit stressful (for me).

Timeline – 6 weeks: Winter? If I’m not in Europe, no problem.
Summer? If the fabric is here and you are pretty clear on the style you envision we’ll be able to fit you in. You won’t be able to make too many changes to the design discussed once the wedding dress is started, as there won’t be much time to back track. So stay off Pinterest and trust the process.

Timeline – 2 weeks: Winter? We’ll shuffle things and make space.
Summer? Take some rescue remedy first! We rescue a few brides every year from various online purchase or dressmaker disasters. Even with very short time frames we create stunning couture wedding dresses we are proud of. Creating a beautiful wedding dress within 10 days during high season there’s no fluffing about, we just get on with it and make you a stunning dress to your brief and the design sketched when we meet up.

Fly in – fly out: We often have brides fly in for their perfect wedding dress and three days gives us enough time with the bride. After this the bride can leave Auckland and if the wedding dress is not yet finished we’ll send it a few days later, beautifully finished. We need advance bookings for these trips as the complete workshop is set aside for you.

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Beautiful Beaded Wedding Dress| NZ Designer | Anna Schimmel

Beautiful Beaded Wedding Dress by NZ Bridal Designer Anna Schimmel.


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