Liz’s embroidered tulle wedding dress!

Liz initially came to see me on one of our open days to have a look at the embroidered tulle wedding dress she had loved when browsing our Summer Bridal Collection online. This romantic dress is created from a soft silk satin and overlaid with sheer tulle.

She decided to book in a time for a consultation to try on her favourite dress and further styles. The bodice of our flowing wedding dress looked great on the bride-to-be and I suggested we’d tweak the embroidered tulle dress and personalize it for Liz’s wedding.
Liz hoped to keep her style as close to the original as possible and we kept the sheer wide tulle straps and fitted waist ribbon. But we added a bit more back and chose a softer, lighter silk for her inside skirt.

During the making of the wedding dress Liz’s mother rang me to discuss the head piece Liz was hoping to wear with her veil on the day. It was a cap which had been handed down through the family and Liz just loved it. But it didn’t sit well and the colour wasn’t right. I assured her I’d give a bit of advice and at the next fitting we discussed how to cover it to match and how to shape it better.

I really like it worn on the day and feel it adds lots of personality to Liz’s look. It is quite astonishing how it takes the embroidered tulle wedding dress into an unique vintage direction and just suits Liz perfectly.
Isn’t she a stunning bride?  The beautiful images are by J&P Photography.
Thank you Liz for your kind thank you and the photos you sent! xx

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