The last minute dress is finished!

It’s been a big day today. We had three beautiful wedding dresses picked up, a few fittings / consultations and of course were working on finishing our last minute wedding dress.

Today is our final day, we will be closed until January 6th.  I will occasionally check my email though I am hoping to stay clear of the office as much as possible!

Below the final photos of the creation of this last minute wedding dress:


My job last night – hand applique. All the neckline, the lacy finish on the straps and the seamless motifs on the bodice are hand appliqued. I knew the bodice had to be finished last night for us to stay on deadline.


In the morning Ellie takes over, she puts in the zip, places the skirt and finishes the length.


Lea adds the finishing touches.


All done:)


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