Last Minute Pre-Christmas Order!

This morning I booked my last wedding dress to be created before Christmas. The custom silk & lace dress needs to be finished this Sunday and with us officially going on leave after Saturday I decided I could stretch it a little and have this final dress picked up on my first official day off.

The time schedule is short, but we should be ok – we have a sample dress which fitted well and gives us a basic cut, and we know the style we are working towards. I have no plans for the coming evenings, so I’ll have some spare time up my sleeve to work on it when the workshop is quiet.

Here is the style the client loves, but we will change it to a very open and fitted V-neckline. The below is a simple dress the bride-to-be tried on today – it is nothing like the style we are after, but the top looked fantastic and it gives us a finished fit for the neckline and straps. The marked hip line is the height where in the new style the skirt will start from.

Tomorrow we will cut the base dress and put it together for the client to slip into it late afternoon. I’ll post a few photos tomorrow and show you what we have done on it and how far it’s come!

In the workshop of Anna Schimmel Bridal hangs a sample pinned for a client who fitted & liked the shape.

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