Tulle Petticoats!

Many of our bigger skirted wedding dresses are worn with a separate tulle petticoat.
Our specialist supplier of German spring steel hooping is based in Canada of all places and we regularly fly in several qualities for our tulle petticoats.

Some wider bands are for bigger wedding dress skirts and narrower ones get used for smaller, softer skirt styles. The steel hooping looks pretty serious on a roll and when cutting it into the length required has to be handled with caution. It is very springy & pointy and can take an eye out if you’re not careful with the steel cutters.

However once the sharp edges are secured and the band is tamed into a tunnel the hooping feels light and springy and has literally no weight. It’s great stuff, can easily fit into a front seat if you hope to arrive in a vintage two seater and will lightly pop back as soon as you get out of the car. It also bends softly when seated or dancing, so the skirt shape looks organic and natural.
We cut our petticoats in soft cotton, to be cool and natural on the skin. Then we layer them with soft tulle for pretty softness and rustle.

I took the below picture this week when a mis-communication between my pattern maker and my new intern produced not the very large petticoat a bride had requested, but instead this absolutely enormous item. While the massive tulle petticoat was quickly rectified I just had to take a photo!

Even with all the experience (70 years?) we have between my team and me, things still sometimes don’t always work out just right on the first go. It’s the time and thought spent working ideas through, planning, backtracking and problem solving which makes for great design. To push boundaries we cannot opt for safe in everything we do, great design has to be new and often brave.

Beautiful couture wedding dresses start out as ideas, are tweaked, changed, rectified, altered and re-thought. Many hours later, much thought and consideration later they are finished to look effortlessly amazing, memorable and truly one of a kind.

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